Index Card RPG takes classic tabletop mechanics for telling stories, making monsters and rolling dice, but throws out all the clunky parts that keep most folks from trying an adventure or two.

Each challenge you face will have a number called a TARGET. Just roll higher than that with your cool 20 sided die, and you succeed! Next, ICRPG combines all kinds of complex game designs into a simple system called EFFORT. Roll a die to see how much EFFORT you do on your challenge! Is it more than 10? The monster is killed, or task complete!

With all the rules and books out of your way, you can tell stories and invent challenges faster. Not ready to make it all up? No problem! ICRPG includes COMPLETE ADVENTURES that are simple to run and fun for all ages.

When you buy your CORE PDF you also get tons of printable paper miniatures! Heroes and monsters are ready to play. Just print, cut and fold and you're ready to go! 

This lets you visualize dungeons, epic battles or trap-laden caverns with ease, and focus on what really matters: your players!

Anything is possible. With simple rules and a vibrant community, ICRPG is perfect to create your wildest RPG idea. Sci Fi, Fantasy, Road Warrior, Zombie Hunter? No problem. The book includes a huge section on designing stories, randomly rolling monsters, or battling vehicles and spaceships.

Let your imagination take the lead, and ICRPG can do it.